if you’ve read my article on How the Amazon Affiliate Program Works , then you know step #2 outlined that you select a niche before you get too far into your Affiliate journey. But, does it make sense to be selecting your niche so soon? What if you pick the wrong niche, and waste a lot of time?

It 100% makes sense to select a niche before setting up your website, buying a domain name, and signing up for the Amazon associates program! Here’s why! If you don’t select a niche you’ll be more likely to strike out on each step I listed above, because you won’t have any direction. Your domain name could end up being unrelated, you could start jumping from product to product, and its ultimately impossible to plan without first selecting a niche.

Factors that Make a Great Niche

Since its absolutely necessary to select a niche for your Amazon Affiliate website here are the basics for making a good decision. First off a great niche will have value, in that there is a decent amount of traffic or interest in the topic. For example if you were to say I have a website about “Flowerhorn Fish” someone might say, “a what horn” and you’d think that’s too small a niche because I’ve never heard of it. However, in actuality there are millions of people around the world who LOVE these hybrid aquarium fish. Just checkout the image below, there are quite a few videos on YouTube with hundreds of thousands and even millions of views.

flowerhorn niche example

Clearly, there is SOME interest in this topic but let’s take this exercise one step further and checkout AnswerThePublic.com, a totally free website that gathers information about searches people make online. You simply enter a root word and search, then AnswerThePublic will return a list of search queries people are looking or answers to. The output looks like this:

How does you use this data? Well, the first thing you are looking for is a decent return of data. If your search returns very little information that is not a good sign BUT it doesn’t mean you should necessarily abandon the niche more on that later.

In this data you’re identifying the type of questions people want to know answers to in your potential niche. When you see a substantial amount of information and lots of different questions, this means the Niche is promising!

Expert tip: Use a keyword tool like SEM Rush to generate even more keyword ideas! While I don’t believe that a keyword tool is the end all be all of keyword research I do think they can offer assistance and help when it comes to finding keyword ideas.

SEM Rush recently added the Keyword Magic tool “Questions” feature to their suite. The new “Questions” feature shows questions associated with any root keyword or phrase. Checkout the results for “Flowerhorn”

sem rush keyword tool to find a niche

Now that we’ve double checked that our potential niche has interest and traffic. We need to figure out if we can make any money being an affiliate for products related to our potential niche.

Is this Niche Even Profitable?

This is where you make it or break it concerning your potential Amazon Affiliates Niche. Is there any money to be made? One of the things I enjoy about affiliate marketing is that there is a multitude of options when it comes to monetizing your audience. As a member of the Amazon associates program you can promote any product on Amazon.com, so you can start identifying potential products by going to Amazon an typing your potential niche ideas root word into the search bar.

flowerhorn amazon search

Not only is Amazon the largest shopping website in the world it is also a very powerful search engine! So it will automatically show you the most popular search terms related to your root word start with these items as your promoted products.

So yep! Start looking into Flowerhorn Food, Flowerhorn Fish Live, Flowerhorn pellets, Flowerhorn Shirts, and Flowerhorn Toys. 

Since “Flowerhorn Food’ was the first result I’ll continue using that as the product I’m scrutinizing. After searching I found this product would be a great item to promote at $39.99. What is also notable, in the pets category the commission rate is 8% so your profit would be $3.19 per sale.

While that is a decent profits its not great, but there are so many more possibilities to uncover. Take a few moments, maybe even grab a blank piece of paper and jot down all the things someone who owned a tropical fish might need. An aquarium! Now, what goes in an aquarium? Air pump, filter, background, ship decoration, plants, gravel,thermometer, lights, water treatments, and more. You see the possibilities really start to add up. When you pair all these ideas with the commissions possible from $100+ filters, $200+ Aquariums, $60+ gravel, you can visualize the potential in this niche.

For the sake of this article we are talking about the Amazon affiliate program but that doesn’t mean you have to always promote Amazon products to your audience. Once you get the hang of owing a website you can sell or promote any items that you want. Maybe you could create a calendar, write a book, or sell your own fish food the possibilities are endless.

Not So Fast, How Competitive is This Niche?

Before you go off and buy a domain name the final step is checking to see how competitive your prospective niche is. Now while there are a few different ways to do this. I’d recommend a software called LongTailPro. LongTailPro allows you to  search for specific keywords related to your topic and it will generate “KC” or keyword competitiveness a metric that estimates how difficult it will be to rank for any given keyword.

The red arrow shows the “KC” metric from LongTailPro. LTP will usually highlight in yellow and green keywords that it recommends targeting.

Keyword competitiveness should be taken with a grain of salt, because there is no real authority on how difficult it is to rank in google for a term except for google. However, “KC” generally will lead you in the right direction. If the KC score is relatively low, USUALLY the keyword or phrase won’t be too hard to rank for. If you choose to add your domain name to LongTailPro it will actually recommend words you should target based on the strength of your domain.

LongTailPro has a free trial here, what I would recommend is compiling a few potential keywords from a few different niches you are thinking about getting into, only THEN signing up for the free trial, so you can maximize your trial without having to the pay the $37 per month dues on the software. Wish I would have done with when first getting started! I wasted so much money on software that I didn’t need or use.

Amazon Affiliates Niche Selection Closing Thoughts

So that’s it, my brain dump on selecting a profitable niche for new Amazon Affiliates. There are a few more steps than can be taken to really solidify an idea, Google trends is one method to add to this process. More than anything else you want to use Google itself as a tool, search topics in google to see what the results look like, if you think you can make a better article, or if there are no articles showing up for the specific search, that in itself shows that quality crafted content might fill a void in Google.

Want to learn more? or Need more help finding a niche? Grab my Amazon Affiliates Brainstorm Guide to get the creative juices flowing.

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