Must Have Tools

You could set up your own servers to host your websites, develop your own custom WordPress themes for site design, hand code all your affiliate links, and throw darts to come up with keyword research or…

You could just keep reading through this page where I have outlined every single tool I use to run my online business and just copy them 🤷 completely up to you.




WordPress is my weapon of choice for creating all my websites. For more information on WP and how it works check out For what we do as affiliate marketers you must set up a self hosted WordPress website. For beginners just getting started I would recommend With Go daddy everything is super self explanatory and they even have lots of explainer videos to get running

Content/Keyword Research


Ahrefs is a very powerful tool for keyword research, competition research and lots of other things you’ll need as your business grows. I would say that Ahrefs is a tool for the more advanced user.

Question Samurai

Question Samurai is great for researching blog and video content ideas. All you have to do is select which platform you want results for “Google” or “YouTube” and just type a root keyword. For example if you want ideas centered around Basketball simply type “Basketball”. After that QS will recommended a list of topics on which you can create content around.

Answer the Public

Another awesome keyword tool Answer the Public is a free solution for finding video and article ideas. Like Question Samurai all you have to do is type in a root keyword and this tool will do the rest of the work. My favorite part is the section of

Email Marketing


Graphic/Image Design

Social Media


Automating your social media posting is such a big deal! Before signing up for Later I used to have to rush and think about what I was gonna say on my Instagram accounts that sucks because not a whole lot of thought goes into posts that you kinda just throw up. Whats even worse is that sometimes I would even forget to post all together! Adding an automated poster into the equation removed both issues. Now I can simply block out 1 to 2 hours per month to batch all my Instagram content and then another 30 mins or so to schedule it.

Web Hosting

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Major 🔑WordPress Plugins

This is the most important section of this page IMO, when I started making affiliate sites I tried so many different plugins and spent hours editing my own images to link to various products but the following plugins saved me lots of time and ultimately increased my  affiliate sales.

Yoast SEO

If you want to make sustainable sales through your affiliate website you will need an SEO strategy. The first step a successful SEO strategy is to easily make changes to your websites title and meta description areas. Yoast SEO is a free option to seamlessly make these changes at will.


This is probably my favorite plugin ! When I first started monetizing my websites I manually added affiliate links, used EasyAzon and I even tried Amazon’s link generation tool but none of them were as powerful and effective as AAWP.

You’ll be able to create a variety of different customizable product boxes that drive sales and conversions. As a bonus you can also create custom comparison tables and charts that display products in an attractive way.

Thrive Architect 

One thing I wasted a lot of money on was buying WordPress themes to make my websites “Nicer Looking” and “More Modern” but in reality that was completely unnecessary! While I’m still a sucker for a beautiful WordPress theme Thrive Architect allows you to customize any theme to fit your needs. It also has a collection “done for you” assets like funnels and landing pages that can be added into your website in as little as 5 clicks!


Remember Affiliate Brainstorm is all about the “Brainstorm” the collection of ideas from everyone in the community so if you have any plugins that are working great for you. Please comment below so I can add it to the list!