You’ve heard a lot about the Amazon Affiliates program, and now you want to try your hand at promoting products from Amazon and getting a piece of the pie. The Amazon pie is plenty large that there is enough for everyone, last year it was reported that Amazon has over $280,000,000,000 in revenue. Yep, that is two hundred and eighty billion with a (B).

With so many affiliate marketers and private label sellers making a killing, it makes sense why anyone who isn’t would want to be involved. The problem is that in almost every space Amazon is competitive! Niche websites are also becoming extremely competitive with internet juggernauts jumping in to promote Amazon products. Sites like Cnet, the wirecutter, mashable, and digital trends, have come to smash all the little guys.

The only problem…Google still respects high quality, purposeful content. This fact alone makes it possible to compete in a variety of untapped niches even in 2020.

Keep reading as we lay out a list of the best Niches Site Ideas, enjoy!

The Best Amazon Affiliate Niche Site Ideas Are…

#1. Air-soft Guns

Air-soft has been quite popular on the affiliate marketing scene for about two to three years now. While that is a decent amount of time, there is still opportunity in this niche. New brands are constantly popping up and that gives you an opportunity to create new product rounds up and yearly “Bests” lists.


Here is another niche that could be great for new affiliates. Creating an all inclusive website about archery including: bows, arrows, targets, arrow tips,string, arm guards, finger tabs and gloves could be a great website. People all over the world are interested in archery, if you happen to be too channel your passion into a fun and educational website.

#3. Bowling

Bowling is something close to my heart I used to LOVE to bowl, I’d go 2 to 3 times a week when I was in college. My local bowling alley had $1 games and I took full advantage. The bowling niche is great because there are lots of possibilities when it comes to content. You could cover bowling balls, gloves, carrying bags, and even bowling technique.

#4. Sports Medicine

A sports medicine website could go a lot of different directions. There are tons of different sports out there all which put wear and tear on the body. If you personally play a sport, think about the strains and injuries you’ve sustained playing. Create a website that talks specifically to the activities and how to avoid and treat those issues. You could review helpful products or promote digital training programs (this is a hot tip right now due to the quarantine and Covid -19).

#5.Basketball or Similar Sport

Basketball is another sport near and dear to my heart. I’ve been playing for more than 25 years. With that said there are tons of parents with kids just coming into the sport…they need training tips, advice on gear, and product “listicles”. Can you share your expertise in the game of basketball with your very own website?

#6. Guinea Pigs

If you’ve ever wanted to keep Guinea pigs or you’re currently keeping them start a website now! There a few competitors in this niche but the majority of them are larger pet websites. By focusing on the Guinea pig specifically you can have a real change to compete and create a compelling and helpful affiliate marketing website.

#7. Toy Trains

Last but not least is the toy trains niche, I was thinking about creating a site on this subject myself. However, with so many other irons in the fire I decided to hold off and develop some of my other products. Electric trains might be the subject you were looking for to base your first affiliate marketing website on.

All the above Amazon affiliate niches have enough demand without too much competition. Since this will most likely be your very first Affiliate website, its best to choose a niche that isn’t too competitive, doing so might be discouraging if you put in a lot of work to see little, to no reward. Something to take note of is YOU CAN FIND SOME SUCCESS IN ALMOST ANY GOOD NICHE. I say this because if you selected at niche that meets the proper requirements there are small pockets where you can state your claim and drive sales.

Closing Thoughts

With this article my goal isn’t to give you a list of topics you can just take and run with. Use this list as inspiration and to get your creative juices flowing. If you are just getting started stay away from fast paced  industries like computers and other tech products where things change dramatically each year. Not only does content expire quickly but in these very lucrative niches are where the juggernaut authority websites hangout. It is extremely difficult to outrank websites like Cnet, PC mag and Tech Radar.



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