how amazon links works

How Amazon Affiliate Links Work

If you are contemplating joining  Amazon Affiliates, or a brand new member you might be wondering how the Affiliate links work. What are tracking codes? How do I add these links to

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keyword research

How to do Keyword Research for Niche Sites

Keyword research can make or break your new Niche Site! So it is especially important to do all the due diligence in this phase to make sure you get it right! If

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how to become an affiliate

How to Become an Amazon Affiliate?

Amazon Associates also known as the Amazon Affiliate program can be an excellent way for blog and websites owners to monetize their traffic. It’s super easy to join, all you have to

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how to monetize my blog

How do I Monetize my Amazon Blog?

Having a blog was the dream for many online entrepreneurs almost 15 years ago! Now days just having a blog isn’t enough, according to google there are over 152,000,000 different blogs out

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BEST amazon affiliate niches

Best Amazon Affiliate Niche Ideas for 2020

You’ve heard a lot about the Amazon Affiliates program, and now you want to try your hand at promoting products from Amazon and getting a piece of the pie. The Amazon pie

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can amazon affiliates use images from amazon

Can I Use Amazon Images on my Website

You’ve just started your very first niche site, published a few articles, got your logo designed, and everything is coming together. You maybe even received some traffic already, so obviously the next

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