You’ve just started your very first niche site, published a few articles, got your logo designed, and everything is coming together. You maybe even received some traffic already, so obviously the next step is to monetize that traffic so you can make your very first sale. One of the best ways to monetize is product images, people love clicking on images and buttons.

However, as a new niche site owner, you have to be careful when it comes to image use. You can use Amazon images on your website but Amazon has a few strict rules in their TOS (terms of service) in relation to your using images from the Amazon marketplace. These rules prevent users from downloading images from Amazon and then uploading them onto their websites. That doesn’t mean you can’t easily source images from and its associated websites, it just means there is a procedure for doing so within their terms of service. In this article I’m going to show you how to be 100% compliant, there are 4 different ways I’d suggest going about it.

Adding Amazon Images to your Website

#1. AAWP

DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online (1st Edition)
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  • Brunson, Russell (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 236 Pages - 04/28/2015 (Publication Date) - Morgan James Publishing (Publisher)

My favorite method for adding Amazon images to a website is through the AAWP plugin. Why I like this plugin so much is because not only does it add product images but it also allows you to draw attention to them in a variety of ways. The first way is by adding a product box,  a product box is basically the main image of an Amazon product, along with the 5 bullet points from the Amazon listing. So not only do you get an image but you get some added sales copy automatically, which will help drive affiliate sales.

But that’s not all! AAWP also allows you to create custom comparison charts. The charts pull product images and shows Amazon  products side by side comparing any of their specs and features. Adding a chart into your article will add an entirely new dimension to your content. Giving your readers options to choose from all in one place drives up your conversion rates. One last thing that I like about this plugin in that it allows you to add images from inside WordPress making it unnecessary to leave the platform to add images.

#2. AMZ Image

DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online (1st Edition)
This image is placed via the AMZ Image plugin. We have found this to be the best solution for specially adding Amazon TOS compliant images into your WordPress website.

Like the above plugin AMZ Image is another great option for adding images from Amazon into your niche site. After installing AMZ Image you’ll be able to search Amazon’s catalog by ASIN or keyword for product images. If you want to save time and add product images into your site content quickly, this is probably the best option. Personally, I’d recommend AAWP because of the multi-functionality. BUT if you don’t care about adding native looking product boxes and ONLY want to place images effectively and efficiently then AMZ Image is the way to go. This  plugin also allows you to select what size image you want to add giving you three options: thumbnail, medium and large.

AMZ Image works the same as the standard WordPress image upload, what is noteworthy is that it even works well with add on WordPress page builders like Thrive Architect.

#3. Amazon Stripe

Above is an example of using the Amazon Stripe to place a book (Dot Com Secrets by Russel Brunson) into this article. Although, Stripe is the method created and endorsed by Amazon I personally don’t use it. I find that having to go to another website then copy and paste the code into my article a little annoying for the output that I’m getting. With the AAWP plugin you do have similar steps but the output is better in my opinion. But, with the advancements Amazon is making maybe I’ll try their systems a little bit more in the future.

#4. Amazon Associates Link Builder

The AALB “Amazon Associates Link Builder is a plugin I actually never got to try. When I was creating this article for the website I was ready to install it and try it out, so I could honestly compare it to the above options. However, upon doing that I discovered the plugin was actually discontinued and no longer available for download. Therefore it’s only right that it comes in last place and is disqualified.


There you have it! If you want to add Amazon images into your website DON’T download the images and post them! That goes directly against the Amazon terms of service for affiliates. What we recommend is using a blend of product boxes, altered stock images, along with your own original images to create a unique presentation for your website visitors.

Thanks for reading!

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