Right now in a time of uncertainty tons of people are interested in creating passive income for themselves. One of the most popular methods for creating a steady stream of revenue is a niche website. Now, niche sites have been around forever probably since the early to mid 2000’s.  But are they still worth creating in 2020? Do niche sites even still work?

I can affectionately tell you YES! Niche sites absolutely still work right now in 2020! In fact I’m running a few profitable websites right now! What is more YOU CAN TOO! But Niche sites are not get rich quick schemes they are real businesses that require some investment and elbow grease to get them started. If you select the right niche and approach your website consistently and methodically you can start a successful niche site right now.

What is a Niche Site?

A niche site is website with content centered on a specific subject. Niche sites vary in how much content is present on them. I’ve seen websites rank and perform well with on 15 to 20 pages on them. There are much larger niche websites with hundreds even thousands of pages.

While a site doesn’t need hundreds or thousands of pages to be successful, a friend of mine once told me that online marketing is “simple math”. Meaning that the more pages you have on the website the more potential earnings you can expect to receive.

To create a competitive niche website you want to provide helpful information on any given topic. You’ll want to do tons of research on the subject or already have a good foundation of knowledge on the topic, that you can help others who might not have that knowledge and want to learn more.

How I’ve Done Niche Sites

I’ve tried all types of different approaches when it comes to niche sites, and in those attempts there was lots of trial and error. The number one thing I learned is how to access the competition before diving into a niche and how to select a niche with good earning potential. Making a mistake in either of these areas could potentially be devastating for a new niche site owner.

Ideally you want to look for a niche that doesn’t have tons and tons of information readily available. For example when you search for the topic you’re interested in making your website on, search for queries like:  the best “_____” and “_____” for beginners. Afterwards, take a look at the search results and answer the following questions:

  1. How many websites are showing up in google with the exact phrase in the title?
  2. Are there lot of websites like Amazon, Forums, Pinterest, and Reddit in the results
  3. Are there any relevant results at all?

If you discover that: there are very few results having the exact phrase, or if there aren’t any results at all, you’ve more than likely found a low competition niche! However, your work isn’t done. Pay attention to the suggestions google automatically recommends in the search bar, your idea might be closely related to another popular search. In that case check the results for the recommended search. For more information on niche competition check out my Competition Analysis article here.

What’s the Verdict?

Niche sites are alive and well in 2020! However, monetization methods might be changing rapidly. Just this week Amazon announced a 40% reduction in affiliate commissions dropping the avg commission rate to just 3.3% from 5.5%.  The new reduction in Amazon associates commissions could be temporary due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but really what other options do Amazon affiliates have I could easily see Amazon making this commissions cut permanent.

That still shouldn’t keep you away from creating a niche site. There are hundreds of different ways to monetize! Right now many affiliate marketers are turning to other affiliate programs like Target.com, Walmart.com and networks like Commission Junction.

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