Having a blog was the dream for many online entrepreneurs almost 15 years ago! Now days just having a blog isn’t enough, according to google there are over 152,000,000 different blogs out there. However, the majority of them don’t ever see any traffic, and therefore don’t ever make any money. And isn’t that the whole reason for blogging in the first place? Using a passion, hobby, or pastime as a topic to create content, converse with like minded individuals, be apart of the conversation and of course make some extra money.

In fact, that is usually the main goal to make extra money, but in reality there is often times more opportunity than expected available. How then does one capitalize and successfully monetize their Amazon blog? Since we are talking about Amazon blogs, then we must cover the method of using the Amazon Associates program first as a monetization method.

Using Amazon Associates

If you’ve created a blog to promote Amazon products, the #1 thing you want to do is create helpful content. The second thing you’ll want to do is be patient when it comes to monetizing your blog. Here’s why! Many websites that intend to make money from the Amazon Associates program often drown themselves in the program and come off, too spam-my, too early.  That is a recipe for failure, because your website lives on traffic, real readers who will come to your website looking for products, helpful content, etc.  If you never fully develop a content plan on your site then you will never attract readers/customers to click through your Amazon affiliate links. Think it like the chicken vs the egg debate, you can’t have one without the other. But, its clear that the content comes before the affiliate links.

Strategies to Monetize

If your content plan has been established and you’re actually seeing a good amount of traffic on your blog, keep reading! If you haven’t gotten that far yet then we HIGHLY recommend you focus your time there, but feel free to keep reading for later down the road.

Sell Products Through Affiliate Links

In another article on this website we wrote about the creating “helpful” content theory for monetizing your website. This is a viewpoint that we will standby forever. For your website to be successful you need to find topics/questions that people want answers to, then use that data as a guide for creating content. Your content will in turn help solve those problem with products.

To Illustrate: If you’re reading this article, you more than likely are looking for a method of monetizing your blog. For another view point on this topic I highly recommend checking out this book.

Niche Business: Creating a Niche Marketing Business via Small Category Targeting for Flipping Domains and Affiliate Marketing
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Stanton, Abe (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 80 Pages - 11/11/2018 (Publication Date)

Create Your Own Products

Just because your main source of income is promoting products on Amazon.com, that doesn’t mean that it has to be your only source of monetization. Many affiliate marketers decide to create their own physical or digital products, while this does require some work to develop these products your profits can jump from 3% to upwards of 100% on digital products.

With the numbers adding up like that, it would only make sense to take a look at this strategy. What are some product ideas? You could develop your own book, online course, membership website, or a product that fits your specific audience. Let’s say you made a website about bowling, you could create your own carrying bags, wrist guards, towels, or even bowling balls. In today’s world there are very few barriers when it comes to finding manufacturing. Use your imagination to discover the best monetization opportunities for your particular circumstances.

Collect Ad Revenue

Nowadays Google Ad sense revenue isn’t what it used to be, depending on your subject matter you can still earn a respectable income from serving display and contextual ads on your website. There is a plethora of other ad networks to work with for serving advertisements. While the traffic requirements vary from network to network, some of them offer high CPM rates than Google Ad sense.

Another option when it comes to ad revenue is private advertisements. Sometimes other website owners will contact you to place a contextual link or banner ad on your website. The price for these types of ads can vary but usually are based on the popularity of your website.

Closing Thoughts

Monetization is useless without website traffic. Think of it like the nostalgic chicken vs the egg equation. However, if you do have some traffic coming to your website its time to dive into your monetization strategy. Having built quite a few Amazon Affiliate websites, you can always sprinkle in other money makers like your own products, or ads to increase your earnings. Hope you enjoyed this post, now get out there and keep executing!

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