Amazon Associates also known as the Amazon Affiliate program can be an excellent way for blog and websites owners to monetize their traffic. It’s super easy to join, all you have to do is apply for instant access and approval. The way the program works is a very simple concept, think of yourself as a digital middleman. You create product links on your website, in turn when your website visitors click on those links and make a purchase, you will get commission for the sale. Anywhere from 1% on up to 10%, it all depends on the category of the items you promote.

SO how can you get involved in the action? Well, the very first thing you’re going to need is a plan. There is an old proverb that reads this way “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” If you’re ready to get started on the fast track to Amazon Affiliate success… Download Our Free: “Amazon Affiliate Fast Track Plan”

If you’re just interested in the basics for getting started continue reading…

What is the Amazon Affiliates Program?

To keep things super simple, the Amazon Associates or Affiliate program is an affiliate marketing program, in which members can promote any and everything sold on Why would Amazon, the leader in online commerce need an affiliate program? This program is actually, one of the main methods Amazon used to build it’s empire.  By partnering with the people so to speak, Amazon was able to reach millions and millions of people who help them advertise the products they sell.

Mathematically, this makes a ton of business sense for Amazon. They give away 1% to 10% of a sale to someone who helped them acquire the sale in the first place. For example, let’s say an affiliate is promoting laptop computers. For the sake of this example, let’s use a Mac Book Pro. There are hundreds of places to buy Mac Books, the Apple Store, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, etc. The competition is pretty stiff with all these players fighting for the same customers. Someone at Amazon said, why don’t we give some of our profits away to get more sales. Still thinking mathematically, whats better 96% of $1200 or 0% because the customer went somewhere else?  The answer is simple, 96%. For marketers, the opportunity of making 4% of $1200 with no inventory costs, no customer service responsibility, and no running to the post office there is benefit for both parties. Amazon increases their reach driving more and more shoppers to their platform and affiliates earn commissions.

Getting Started

So you’re ready to get started? All you have to do is visit the Amazon Associates home page here. From there, the sign up steps are quite simple. Once approved, you’ll get access to the Amazon Associates dashboard. See the image below for what to expect:

amazon associates menu

The first thing you’ll see is the main menu, in it there are quite a few different buttons. Once you become an affiliate its a good thing to explore all the different menus, but for the time being we’ll keep moving down the dashboard.

Next up, is probably the most important area of the dashboard, the earnings summary! As a new affiliate you won’t have much action here, but you do need to be familiar with this area because it’s where the majority of your attention will be.  Earnings are displayed on a daily basis, and are only tallied when products are shipped. There are other key metrics found in this area, ordered items, total earnings, clicks and conversions.

amazon associates metrics area

How Do Amazon Affiliates Make Money?

As mentioned above, the way affiliates make money is by being a digital middleman. This is accomplished by serving “affiliate links” (tracking links) to website visitors. Once a visitor clicks on one of the links, anything they purchase over the next 24 hours on Amazon will be credited to the Amazon associates account associated with the affiliate links. The commission ranges from 0 to 10% based on the promoted products category.  So before selecting products to promote, take into consideration the price points, to make sure the potential profits make sense.

Nothing would be worse , than building a website, writing content, starting to promote products, all for profits of $0.50. To avoid this you need a plan! A plan that will help you find a profitable niche to develop your website around, one that will actually drive significant commissions.

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Creating Amazon Affiliate Links

Creating links is pretty simple using the standard tools provided by Amazon. However, if you do choose to build your links using Amazon’s dashboard, you will need to create links for each specific product. Depending on how large your website is, this could be a daunting task. For a faster, more powerful way of creating affiliate links check this post out. Best way to Insert Amazon products into WordPress.

How to Create Amazon Affiliate Links

  1. Depending on if you already know which product you want to promote or not. You can simply browse Amazon and use the Amazon Stripe to grab a text link, image link, or both.
  2. If you already know which product you want go directly to the product page and use Amazon stripe to pull the text, image or both options to copy the code into your clipboard and paste it into your website code.

Once you’ve added products into your content all you need is for website visitors to click those links and make a purchase to start earning affiliate revenue. One of the great things about the Amazon affiliate program is that you are awarded commission on everything the customer buys after click your link. To illustrate, let’s say Bob visits your website after doing research on your topics, he find a product he wants to purchase clicks through your link and arrives in his Amazon cart. Before Bob checkouts he realizes he left a mattress, a bag of dog food, and a bike for his daughter in his cart the last time he was online. When Bob completes his purchase you get commission on his entire purchase even though you only recommended one item to him.

Are You Ready?

It’s super easy to start your affiliates journey with Amazon all you need to do is visit the programs home page and signup. If approved you’ll get access to the dashboard within 24 hours.

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