Keyword research can make or break your new Niche Site! So it is especially important to do all the due diligence in this phase to make sure you get it right! If you don’t target keywords that cater towards people who are looking to make some type of purchase then the whole existence of your website comes into question.

Your goal should be to create a niche site that serves as resource for someone looking to solve a problem or buy a particular type of product. By presenting to them a variety of product options or solutions to that problem they are having you can earn yourself a commission. But so many times new affiliate marketers get caught up in search volume over keyword intent. Making this mistake can prove to be fatal for any earnings you hope to make. For example, someone is looking to reduce the acne on their face and another person is looking to fix their computer saving images as .jfif files. Which one of these topics has earning potential?

If you answered option #1. regarding acne you would be correct! But, why? The person looking for acne products has a dire need. At all costs they most likely want to get rid of this acne, they’ll try creams, ointments, cleansers, uv lighting, or anything else that might work. Whereas the person interested in option #2 is there to solve something once and keep going. There is no product associated with fixing a file saving error in windows. This person is probably looking for a 2 minute YouTube video that explains how to edit registry editor and they’ll go on about their business.

Which person do we want to target on our niche sites? Clearly option #1. We want people who want to buy stuff and we get them by targeting the right keywords.

Let’s Start the Keyword Research

You’ve spent lots of time thinking of potential niche ideas for your website, and now you want to do some initial keyword research to confirm that this is the right niche for you. Where should you start? The first thing you should do is think about is your monetization strategy. For this example we’re going to use the Amazon Associates program or Amazon Affiliates.

To get started hop on and search for products related to your niche. Sticking to our acne theme, start by typing in the word “acne”, Amazon will then automatically suggest keywords related to that keyword that are popular searches.

The number 1 result is “Acne patch” seemingly a good keyword lets click on it and search for “acne patch”. As soon as the results come in I know automatically that this isn’t a good product to promote through my niche site. Check out the search results below:

niche site keyword research on amazon

All of the products are too cheap! Prices range from $7.99 to $21.99, as a member of the Amazon associates program you’ll only get about 3.3% of that sales price. Building a website, writing content, and building posts is a lot of work for $0.26 commissions. Already you’ve learned a valuable lesson in keyword research! Make sure that the items you plan on targeting generate enough in commissions that they make sense.

I actually made this mistake way back when, Personally I suffer from dry skin. So I thought B-I-N-G-O, I’ll do an affiliate site on body lotions! After my keyword research I landed on an exact match domain. With the keywords I was targeting I didn’t have to do too much content creation but I carefully did on page “SEO” to my home page and within a few months I was ranking on google. Excited wouldn’t do justice to how hyped I was about my new website! So I added tons and tons of lotions via affiliate links to my site. Checking google analytics daily, I realized I was getting traffic, my goal of passive income through this new lotion website was about to come to fruition.

Fast forward three months later, I was ranking top 5 for my target keyword, I was getting traffic, and in fact I was even getting sales! My first month receiving commissions was about 5 months in and I earned a grand total of $3.84. Man, I was disappointed but I learned a valuable lesson, which was that this process worked! Now I just needed to do it with products that made me more money.

Keyword Research Phase 2 – Profitable Products

For your main keywords I would recommend trying to capture between $5 and $10 per sale. That means your ideal products will be around $150 and up. Partnered with decent search volume you’ll be able to see great return on investment targeting products in this price range. However, not all products you promote have to meet that $100+ price point. You can make up for the high price point products with volume but it usually works best to have a nice blend between both.

Keyword Search Volume

Many of the keyword tools available today are search estimates, the only true way to get actual search volume is from Google directly. The tried and true way to do this from Googles keyword planner or Google search console. By looking at this data closely you can get the actual search numbers for any individual keyword search. From my experience a keyword with between 500 and 1000 keyword searches will have enough volume and related keywords with good volume to drive affiliate commissions.

Identify Keyword Intention

Just because a keyword has lots of monthly searches, doesn’t mean its a keyword you want to be targeting. And a keyword with a limited amount of monthly searches could be extremely valuable to you. The typical keyword I would recommend going after are keywords like “best____, top 10 ______, _____ review,_____ reviews, _____ guide, ______ comparison”. These words most of the time represent prospective customers doing research right before the buying phase of their customer journey. Therefore, these keywords are usually gold for affiliate marketers.

Key Takeaways

Keyword research is the life blood of your website. Do your due diligence and take in as much guidance as you possibly can. Always remember to search for your potential target keywords in google to see what the search results look like. One of the beautiful things about Google is that it is an algorithm, which means it can be reverse engineered. It also means that it shows you the content that it likes for each keyword query. Breakdown and look at these pages to direct your keyword approach.

As always, keep learning and keep executing! Thanks for reading.

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