One of the most popular ways to generate a nice side income online is through the Amazon Affiliates program. There are many gurus and mentors out there who are selling the dream of retiring early, quitting your job all from affiliate income but is this realistic today in 2019? And if so how does one get started even if they have never made any money online before?

Well before answering those questions let’s discuss who the Amazon affiliates program IS for and who it is NOT for. The Amazon Affiliates program is not for anyone who thinks they can get rich quick or who thinks that success comes overnight because neither of those concepts is true.¬† What it does take is planning, consistent hard work, and effort. Only when one has become familiar and comfortable with those things does a measure of success come.


Making an extremely profitable Amazon associates business just got a little more difficult with the new commission cuts. However, that doesn’t mean its impossible. There are plenty of people maneuvering the new landscape and still making solid income from their affiliate websites by being adaptable.

While the lowered commission structure isn’t ideal, its not a deal breaker. 3.3% can be decent revenue IF you have enough traffic.

If you are you reading this article about making money with Amazon Associates hopefully you’ve already decided your niche or you already have a website and you’re looking for ways to monetize it at this point. If you aren’t that far yet Checkout my article about getting started with Amazon Associates here.


Your goal is to create a sustainable model for recommending a product to someone who is researching that type of product or looking to solve a problem. Let’s say Bill is having a pest problem at his home, in fact he has a rodent infestation. Bill is a DIY kind of guy and refuses to call an exterminator “who would rip him off”. He wants to take matters into his own hands and solve his rodent problem.

The first thing he does is log onto his computer and type in, after he searches for “Best rat traps to buy” he then sees a website that says “Top 5 Best Rat traps to buy in 2020”. Bill clicks that link, reads the content, clicks on a recommended product from the article which takes him through to Amazon, lastly Bill makes a purchase. Bill hopes to resolve his rat problem with the product he bought that was highly recommended by the website in the google search results.

amazon associates affiliate diagram
Figure 0.1 Bill needs help figuring out how to trap the rats at his house. You can create content centered around common issues and earn affiliate commissions.

The Story about Bill and the diagram illustrate how you can make your very first Affiliate sale. If turning the above story into an actionable plan doesn’t sound easy to you. Would you like some help executing? Checkout my Affiliate Site Secret Formula Program. In this easy to understand and execute plan, I’ll walk you through the exact strategy my students and I use to generate passive income. This plan can be completed in about 1 to 2 hours and is guaranteed to generate passive income!


For most affiliate marketers there wasn’t a full proof strategy available when they got started. So how were they able to be successful? By taking action! I recommend you do the same thing. Read as much information on Affiliate Marketing as you can, watch the abundance of YouTube videos on the subject and TAKE ACTION! By taking that one step and going for it, you’ll be ahead of the majority of people who haven’t started yet.


The affiliate marketing concept is one that is so intriguing to me because you can get paid for voicing your opinion on something. All you have to do is build a platform so others can hear your opinion and take it seriously. When I first got into the affiliate game it blew my mind how people who were looking for products would take my opinion and let that influence their buying decisions.

I thought why doesn’t everyone do this? A question I couldn’t answer until¬† I got married. My wife would look at me puzzled and say “I don’t know how you do that stuff, with your websites and Amazon , my mind doesn’t work like that”.

My wife’s words that day made a lasting impression on me. Not everyone wants to be an influencer of sorts or has the ability to be. So if you DO have that drive embrace it and start your affiliate journey today!

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