An affiliate website is one of the most tried and true methods for creating passive income online. In fact it is one of best options for E commerce beginners, the reason being it doesn’t take much capital to get started, it doesn’t require any inventory management, or customer service. All it really takes is hard work and an effective strategy to be successful with affiliate marketing. The foundation of the effective strategy is a platform for your customers to read, listen, or watch the content you create. In this article we’re talking about how you can make a profitable affiliate website.

Just like any structure the first thing you need to do is plan your website before you begin building it. Here’s how…

Planning Your Affiliate Website

A solid affiliate marketing website plan will consist of  niche selection, profitable products assessment, competition assessment, content creation, monetization and finally execution! So let’s break it down!

Niche Selection

Deciding on a niche for your affiliate marketing website is probably one of the most challenging things you’ll do on this journey. Take it from me I’ve made the horrible decision of picking a niche and thinking of a better idea a day, week or month later and shifting gears  😩. I’d have twice as many sites and be making double the money right now if I just did my research first and remained steady. So here is how you save time and select a great niche:

  1. Brainstorm for a week 7 full days!
  2. During the 7 days narrow it down to 5 ideas
  3. The ideas should be topics not sub

When I say topics think long term! Neglecting to do this can leave you with a website that has too low of an earnings potential. I’ll give you two examples 1 good and 1 not so good.

A Good Niche vs a Bad Niche

Niche #1 Website about Patios – A patio website could cover patio awnings, patio accent tables, patio arbors, patio bars and so on. This niche is promising because it covers a wide array of potentially profitable products.

Niche #2 Website about Gummy bears – The gummy bear niche is going to be too limited because it centered around 1 thing gummy bears! The fatal flaw on a site like this is that the average price for a package of candy is $8.99. At the 3.3% commission rate you’ll have to sale about 344 packs of gummy bears to earn $100. While there might be other related items like t-shirts, mugs, etc. I wouldn’t invest in this niche.

While the above example is a little extreme it drives the point home perfectly. One site is really limited in scope because it centers around one thing, where as the other truly focuses on a niche that covers a wealth of different products at different profit levels.

Profitability Assessment

Now that you’ve brainstormed a few different niche ideas you want to move into checking out the profitability of these niches. As you might have heard Amazon hit the affiliate marketing world hard with their commission reductions. However, the 3.3% commission rate isn’t the apocalyptic end to affiliate sites as everyone is making it out to be. You can still earn a few thousand dollars per month even with the lower rates.

To see if your niche is profitable start brainstorming the different items potentially associated with your website idea. Let’s use the above example as a rolling theme “patios”. Right away I think of patio fire pits, patio umbrellas, patio ponds, patio furniture, patio grills, patio lights, patio speakers,  so many different products!

Once you have a list of 20 to 50 products go on Amazon and get the average price of these products. After you’ve gathered the average prices multiply that by 3.3%. That simple math equation will give you the estimated earnings amount per sale you can expect receive by marketing that product. To illustrate, If I’m interested in selling patio furniture sets, I’ll take the top 10 best selling items and add all their selling prices together then divide that by 10 to get an average price of $310. After multiplying 310 by 3.3% I come to an estimate of $10.23. So I can come to the conclusion that these patio furniture sets are very profitable to sell, I can potentially earn around $10.23 per sale.

Competition Assessment

There are many tools on the digital marketing scene that give competition numbers and keyword difficulty scores. We’ve used Longtail Pro, Ahrefs, and a few others but really the easiest way to gauge competition is to look into the google search results to see who is ranking for the topics in your perspective niche. After doing your research ask yourself these questions:

Are there any forums, Reddit pages, other niche websites ranking on the first page? If there are then you can too! What’s even better is if there isn’t any content published on the internet on your subject, or the content available is very short and lacks detail. Sometimes it takes diving into the SEO factors for certain keywords but don’t shy away from learning.  SEO sounds complicated but it CAN be learned like anything else.

Content Creation

Content creation is probably the most exciting part of making an affiliate marketing website. You get to write articles, create images and videos. Probably the most important part of content creation is doing your keyword research! You want to cover topics that people are looking for, that way when your website has content on it people will be reading your content. The worst case scenario is having a website about something no one is interested in.

Like the competition assessment area above, there are tons of different keyword tools on the market. I actually love using Ahrefs for keywords because it shows what keywords your competitors or already existing websites are ranking for. This helps you organize what topics can be clumped together and what topics need their own articles. If you aren’t ready to invest in a tool like Ahrefs, you can simply use google to generate keyword ideas. The guys over at income school teach something called “alphabet soup” which is basically typing in your root words or subjects followed by the letters A through Z. Google will then generate topics, queries, and search phrases similar to your root word.

Another feature you can use in google is the “People also ask” and “Searches related to” areas in the search results. Both areas show exact things real people are typing into google to get answers. Centering your initial content towards these queries is one way to launch your content strategy.


Every bodies favorite part is monetizing their site, this is the usually the whole reason for making an affiliate marketing website. To make sales and ultimately earn some commissions. While making sales is extremely important you don’t want to sale your sites soul so to speak by centering it too much around making sales. What I mean is you don’t want a website that looks like one big advertisement.

Aim to create a website that answers questions, organizes topics, and really creates a good user experience, basically you want to give the person searching exactly what it is they’re searching for. If they want the best “Fireproof wall safes” then give them a list of wall safes explaining why they are the best, if they want SEO solutions then provide them with a list of the best SEO companies. Taking this approach when monetizing your website will result in long term sales.


Last but definitely not least is executing everything you’ve learned! Don’t be that person who does tons of research on affiliate websites and then does nothing! Be diligent, do your homework but then follow through and apply what you’ve learned. The best way to fail at something is never to get started. I’ve been there before paralysis by analysis, don’t let that happen to you. Take Action!


SO there you have it, the framework for creating a website for affiliate marketing. By following the above 6 step process you will be on your way to have yourself an profitable Affiliate marketing website. If you want to see how I’d build a site from scratch checkout this video on my YouTube Channel for a complete walk through, from buying a domain, setting up WordPress, and installing and setting up the recommended plugins for a finished product.

Thanks for visiting! Any questions or comments leave them below.

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